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Wreath aftercare 

Thank you for your purchase of a fresh compostable wreath, the following aftercare instructions when followed will extend the life of your wreath, keeping it looking its best for longer.


Your wreath is alive, each piece of foliage has been carefully cut and placed on a moss/ hay and rattan base that acts as a sponge to supply water and nutrients.


Your wreath is ideally placed outside on a door where the rain can permeate, naturally watering the foliage and keeping it hydrated. Your wreath should be sheltered from extreme weather conditions including strong winds, heavy rainfall and extreme temperatures. direct sunlight may cause your wreath to dry out and crisp earlier than advertised. If your wreath is placed in a porch or if the weather is dry then spray your wreath with cold clean fresh water as often as possible.


The foliage used in your wreath naturally dries and some foliage types may crisp adding to texture as time goes on. if your wreath starts to look past its best, remove your wreath from the door, place outside on clean ground and water with a watering can, leave to drain and rehang.  

Wreath Health and Safety

keep your wreath out of reach of children. The wreath should never be used as a toy.


never consume any elements of the wreath, whether your wreath includes berries, or any type of dried fruits, herbs or vegetables. Wreaths may contain poisonous elements.


Keep your wreath away from naked flames and sources of heat. Dried foliage can pose a risk of fire.


Your wreath does not contain wire and does not contain painted or unnaturally dyed foliage. For this reason there is very little risk of the wreath marking your door. If your door is made of permiable materials or the paintwork is cracked then the wreath should not touch the door directly.


If any elements of your wreath becomes dislodged please be aware that they may become a slip or trip hazard if left on the floor. Be aware that foliage may have dislodged when opening your door, so make a habit of checking the floor before stepping outside.

Composting your wreath 

Your wreath is fully compostable.

When adding your wreath to home compost pull the wreath contents apart as much as possible using gloves to avoid cuts from sharp foliage. the rattan base can also be cut into pieces to speed up the composting process. When using scissors to cut rattan be aware of the risks of cutting yourself.


Your wreath will also compost in landfill if you do not compost at home. 

If you would like to make a wreath next year with the rattan base, cut all twine and remove the outer layer of foliage. You can then store the base in a cool dry place before using it again next year. 

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