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"Everyday is a potential seed, that we can grow into something beautiful" 
Austin Kleon

Are you thinking of growing your own flowers for your wedding day? Maybe you weren't even sure that was an option before stumbling across this page. 

Growing your own flowers for your wedding day can be so rewarding, you'll inevitably spend more time outdoors and in the process you might even create a garden for you and your other half to enjoy for years to come. 

I'm not going to pretend that growing flowers will be easy, its far from sprinkling a few seeds on the ground and sitting back to watch them bloom. But with a few plans mixed in with invested time you're flower growing endeavors can be a roaring success.

We seem to forget that the UK is a great place for things to grow, with the perfect mix of seasons. A countryside view here often means lush green grass, trees and wildflowers, our environment makes growing flowers here pretty simple. 

Eco-friendly flower expert, Bev. Wearing a eucalyptus crown made with compostable mechanics. Available in the North East of England.

Whether you're a complete novice or have delved into flower growing before, I'm here to provide support, training and expertise. I love nothing more than seeing my couples celebrate their day surrounded by their own flowers. Just imagine the sense of pride and achievement you'll feel when all of your wedding flower dreams are a reality. 

I believe in being as sustainable as possible, I nurture soil health, pollinators and wildlife by growing flowers without chemicals or pesticides. By helping you do the same we can make a difference to our environment and make an impact towards reversing the climate crisis. 

In order to grow flowers you don't even need that much space, I grow flowers on around 50 square metres of land for up to 15 weddings per year. So an average sized garden is more than enough space to provide flowers for your day. 

You don't need any prior knowledge or experience either, just a willingness to learn, enthusiasm and some time. 

To get you started and to give you more insight I've written a free guide for you 

Make yourself a cuppa and have a read! 

If you need more support, I've put together a collection of resources I use to grow my own flowers, they're designed to help you grow beautiful flowers easily for your wedding day. 


5 things I wish I'd known before growing my own wedding flowers

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