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"To plant a garden, Is to believe in tomorrow" 
Audrey Hepburn 

This is me! I'm Bev, the flower grower and florist,  here at Sown on the North Coast. 

I believe flowers should be sustainable, i mean, you'd think they would be wouldn't you?

Believe it or not, the average florist flowers are far from it! So I created a cut flower garden where flowers and wildlife could thrive.

2024 is set to be the best year ever in the cutting garden with over 140 varieties of flowers planned to bloom over the growing season. 


The garden is set over two areas with south facing raised beds and pots and more shady traditional beds at the back. Our space is small but with careful planning, I flip and fill the garden to capacity! 

It's amazing the amount of flowers a small plot can produce. 

Eco-friendly flower expert, Bev. Wearing a eucalyptus crown made with compostable mechanics. Available in the North East of England.

I believe that if there's a way of being more eco-friendly we should all damn well do it.


My hope is that by providing flowers differently I can inspire others to make small changes too, and by making changes collectively we can make a positive impact on the environmental crisis. 

During the year you can look forward to tulips, narcissi, ranunculus, peonies, roses, cosmos, antirrhinum, sweet peas, phlox, dahlias and so much more. I'll be using all of these flowers and foliage from the garden in weddings and florist choice gift bouquets from early April right until the first frosts. 

Once Autumn and Winter approaches you can look forward to eco- friendly wreaths, workshops and tutorials. 

if you take anything away from visiting today, I'd just like you to think about flowers a little differently, because I'm sure you'll agree that being eco-friendly makes flowers even more beautiful.  

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