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The best sustainable weddings include...

Are you thinking of being more sustainable in your choices when planning your wedding? Good shout!

Let me guess... You're not sure where to start or how to be more Eco-friendly?

Well first things first, let me tell you, there are no right or wrong answers, it's all about finding the right sustainable options for you and making those changes, sustainability should enhance your wedding day, make it more personal to you and your values, and who knows it might give your guests small things to think about along the way.

I love it when Brides come to me with sustainable values, it means we've got things in common from the get go, I know that we're going to get on like a house on fire!

When I'm providing flowers for sustainable couples there's a few things that I notice that pop up every time.

In my opinion the best sustainable weddings include the following!

1. locally grown flowers

There's so many local flower growers out there now. It's almost as though everyone has cottoned on to the fact that the British Isles are the perfect place to grow things. If you look out of your car window as you drive through the countryside you'll be met with green pleasant land, perfect for growing flowers for weddings throughout the seasons.

Sustainable couples seek out these florists/ flower growers and let them create beautiful arrangements with homegrown flowers, using eco friendly techniques that sit perfectly in the British seasons and the results are stunning. Weddings full of scent and natural beauty!

2. Natural surroundings

The best Eco- friendly celebrations all have this in common. Sustainable couples opt for venues in stunning locations, surrounded by nature. Providing the perfect backdrop of British fields or lush green forest, the coast or garden means that these views can be borrowed, used in the photos and everyone can enjoy them all day long.

Having a view can mean that less decoration is needed for the venue itself. Sustainable couples opt for venues in beautiful locations, I wrote a 10 page guide offering "8 of the best sustainable venues in the North East" you can get a copy here

3. seed paper stationary

Have you heard of it? It's a lovely touch and adds an Eco-friendly twist to the necessary stationary you need for your day. The best sustainable weddings include it as a replacement for perspex or card place settings, menus and the like. It means that all of this 'stuff' can be planted afterwards and will grow into beautiful wildflowers or whichever seeds have been chosen.

Seed paper stationary is a lovely romantic concept that can be used to replace any of the stationary requirements for the day, and depending on the seeds sown, they can provide a beautiful reminder of the day for years to come.

4. vegan courses

Now hear me out on this one, no one likes an outspoken vegan trying to persuade the whole bridal party to give up meat all day. I mean some would consider that the worst wedding they had ever been to. But there is a place for adding in a vegan course under everyone's noses without them even knowing, I'm not talking meat substitutes! Heck no, I'm talking, real tasty plant based foods that everyone will enjoy. The best sustainable weddings that I've been involved in opt for vegan courses to reduce meat consumption and they wow their guests with flavour.

4. borrowed and thrifted items

I absolutely love when my couples give me beautiful cut glass bud vases they've collected from charity shops or antique stores. Some Brides even raid their grandparents collections of crystal for their tables. Using things like this adds to the beauty of the day and includes their memories from childhood. When things have been collected together in a mismatch of sizes, shapes and textures the tables look beautiful, everything can be brought together using the flowers themselves, table runners and candles. It also means the bud vases can either be given away at the end of the evening or taken home for them to be enjoyed. The best sustainable weddings have elements of thrift instead of buying new.

5. vintage garments and jewellery

Now this might not be to every Brides liking, but some of the best sustainable weddings I've been involved in always have an element of vintage. The Brides I work with think about what they want to wear and how this might fit with a vintage approach, its not for everyone. Sometimes vintage jewellery borrowed or gifted from a relative can be a lovely touch,this adds to the meaning of the jewellery worn. the luckiest sustainable brides wear vintage wedding rings from family members.

6. a minimalist approach

Finally the best sustainable weddings I've seen all have a minimalist approach. I'm not talking about having nothing there, I'm talking about every element of the day being thoughtfully considered, not having things just for the hell of it or because a member of the bridal party said you had to.

Sustainable Brides are thoughtful in their decision making, they choose things because they are needed and in keeping with their sustainable values.

If you want more tips on being sustainable whilst wedding planning follow along on Instagram here or join my mail list by scrolling down on the weddings page. I send out a new blog post every week.

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